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Jeopardy! Addicts Anonymous' Journal

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  2009.03.25  01.08

my lady love looked as good as ever going into that last final jeopardy! - but she blew it. at least victory ended up belonging to my second favourite contestant of the year.

i still want LK to have kenjen's baby. their offspring would doubtless rule the world by the age of five.

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  2009.03.13  18.42
lazyweb of champions!

i can't find a reliable capper, uploader, or tracker for jeopardy!, and some stupid basketball thing is pre-empting of the tournament of fucking champions here! and they're not even re-airing it! FARiK was doing caps throughout season 24 that could be found on public trackers, but we've not heard from him during season 25.

can anyone assist? i've already tried public trackers isohunt, mininova, the pirate bay, torrent portal, torrent reactor, and tvrss; private trackers demonoid, funfile, ilovetorrents, and the peer hub; as well as the scrapetorrent search engine.

god, why can't they just put this shit on hulu, already?! it's THE TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS.

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  2007.03.30  08.08
This day in history...

On This Day: March 30
Today is Friday, March 30, 2007. This is the 89th day of the year, with 276 days remaining in 2007.

1964 - "Jeopardy" developed by Merv Griffin, aired on TV for the first time.


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  2006.11.28  20.43
bordering Russia in Asia

Was tonight’s FJ clue defective? It was something like “Other than North Korea and China, one of the two formerly Communist nations that border Russia in Asia.” The acceptable responses were Mongolia and Kazakhstan. But if Kazakhstan is a ‘formerly Communist nation’ then so are Georgia and Azerbaijan, right? And both Georgia and Azerbaijan border Russia in Asia.


  2006.07.19  04.33

I had absolutely nothing to do, so I sat here playing "Jeopardy" at the PC. Against myself. I really, really suck. But that isn't the point of any of this. I decided to figure the absolute maximum payoff. This situation will absolutely never happen, but it still amuses me to think about it. So, here we go.

(EDIT: Figures have been revised. My mistake for thinking I could handle numbers at 5AM. Damned math. Also, I've been told that a single player may be able to play Final Jeopardy alone. I've not revised that area, as I'm simply not sure. Can any recent player confirm or deny this?)

Put behind an LJ-Cut, because this is somewhat long.Collapse )


  2006.07.06  11.50
new community..

apologies if ads like this aren't welcome..

signal_button is a new community for former, soon-to-be, and wannabe game show contestants to talk shop -- share their experiences, get tips for their upcoming appearances, or learn strategies for getting on shows. as of now, the community has a heavy jeopardy! focus, but we're looking to expand. anyone interested is encouraged to join!


  2006.05.09  18.20

I really miss the old site where you could play Jeopardy online. Does anyone know of a good site, besides the Sony website?

Also, does anyone else miss Rock & Roll Jeopardy??


  2006.03.30  23.45
Online contestant search -- what are the answers?

Here’s a few that I’m wondering about:

Category: Biochemistry 101
Amylase & lipase are these, which catalyze reactions in organisms without themselves changing

I put “catalysts”; does anyone think they will accept that? I assume (based on a Wikipedia search) that the response they were going for was “enzymes”.

Category: Medieval men
“Have sword, will travel” could have been the motto of this most famous of crusader-fighting Muslims

I think this was the hardest one out of the 50.

Category: Calendar quiz
Common alphanumeric designation for the year also notated MM

I put “2000” for this, but thinking about it afterward that response doesn’t really fit because it is purely numeric, not alphanumeric. Also it is way too obvious; there must be some trick to this, right? But I can’t think of any better answer; surely they were not going for “2 thousand”.

Also, does anyone know how many of the 50 you need correct in order to pass? It used to be 35 but is that still the case?


  2006.03.30  08.02
this day in history...

On This Day: Thursday March 30, 2006
This is the 89th day of the year, with 276 days remaining in 2006.

1964 - "Jeopardy" developed by Merv Griffin, aired on TV for the first time.


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  2006.03.28  09.12
Online auditions!

Did you guys see the call for online auditions? They start today (for East-coasters), so register now so you can take the test at 8 tonight! :)

Good luck!

Mood: excited

  2006.02.15  17.23
trivia help?

a friend of mine gave me this trivia question, and while i typically think i'm pretty good at trivia and/or googling things, i couldn't find an answer anywhere. does anyone know? or have any decent guesses?

Question: Which athlete/philosopher has this view on an important creed, hoping we might one day possibly join him in sharing one of his many views? (Or not, whatever.)

"The Olympic creed is great because it's some one else's idea and it matches up well with mine which makes me think that either I'm not sane or someone else is insane along with me. That creed is unbelievably valuable. There's not many things I feel that way about because I'm not big on slogans, I'm not big on people buying into something, but it encompasses a lot. I think it's something to live by."



  2007.08.05  11.23
In Search Of...

I am in search of a Jeopardy! audio or video recording of an answer from December 30, 2002 - OR - an actual screenshot of that answer.

The Category was MUSICAL TRIBUTES the answer was "Darken My Fire", a gothic tribute to this band, features the Electric Hellfire Club's version of "Light My Fire" the question was Who is The Doors?

If you have this episode on cassette/VHS/dvd/mpg/avi/? or a screenshot of the answer, please contact me by leaving a comment here or you may email me at stella2600 at yahoo dot com

Thank you in advance!


  2005.11.30  20.46

That guy Josh tonight was extraordinarily obnoxious. I'm liking Vik, he's no David though.


  2005.09.23  15.05

I miss David so much. He was on for like two weeks, then the six week season vacation, then two more. And this week there has been a new champion everyday. This is messed up.


  2005.07.29  14.38

Hello fellow Jeopardy geeks!

I'm glad to have found this comm. Allow me to introduce myself-- I am Princess Valium (not my birth name :)) and I'm from Toronto, Canada. I auditioned for Jeopardy in April and passed! Now it's just a matter of waiting for a phone call, if one ever comes. I'm finding it hard to judge whether they liked me or not, and whether I was maybe too 'out there' for them. Who knows, anyway. I find reading other contestant's experiences interesting and inspiring, and I look forward to chatting with you all.

So how about that David Madden? Is he twitchy or what? He may be brilliant, but he gives me the creeps in a androidy kind of way.

Mood: indifferent

  2005.07.20  04.07

Back in 98-99, the jeopardy site came about in line with the change of the show's theme and general appearance. On the site was media including audio files. in wav format. A few years later they changed the files to streaming shockwave flash files. And since then they've been removed completely


Above is a mirror site similar to what it used to look like (complete with links to non-existant files on the sony server. - tho the main theme is a real audio file on this mirror)

My hard drive fried in mid-99 and I lost all the files. And I've never been able to recover a complete version of the 98 theme [which as far as I know the jeo site was the only source of]. There is one site (soundamerica) that has had TV themes for years but they've always used a very low quality wav file even in today's high-speed internet.

If anyone has or knows where I can get the 98 jeopardy theme (or think theme) in a good quality (or any of those other sound effects files), please let me know - thanks very much


  2005.07.12  00.40

Hi everybody...I'm new to this whole community. My name is Camille and I'm from New Orleans.

My brother's girlfriend and I both had auditions in Memphis this past weekend.

She went out for the adult show and I for the teen. We both ended up passing and going on to the interview/mock game.

We're both really excited about passing but I can tell the waiting for a response isn't going to be all that fun.

Does anyone know the odds of getting on the show for a 26-year-old in the adult show and a 17-year-old in the teen tournament?

Thanks for any information!


  2005.05.16  17.04

Hi, I just joined this community! My name is Madeleine and I was on Kids Jeopardy when I was 12... I dont watch jeopardy religiously or anything but I think its a good show...


  2005.04.22  00.56
Jeopardy Archive

Am I the only person who can't access the Jeopardy archive site (j-archive.com)? I thought it was just because I use firefox, but I tried internet explorer and it still didn't work. I'm on a high speed connection, so it's not that....it just makes me sad :(


  2005.04.20  20.44
Twas Bob Harris...

Does anyone have the audio of Monday's Final Jeopardy, ending with Bob Harris's quoting of Jabberwocky, followed by "And I wrote down Teatime!"? I hesitate to say that was the best Final Jeopardy ever, but it must have come close.

Mood: amused

  2005.03.30  10.10
and our world hasn't been the same...

On This Day: Wednesday March 30, 2005
This is the 89th day of the year, with 276 days remaining in 2005.


1964 - "Jeopardy", developed by Merv Griffin, aired on TV for the first

taken from:

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  2005.03.18  16.58

Congratulations on making the tryouts! I did that last April and passed (only 10 people in my group of 50, and I was the only female), but I still haven't heard anything. :(


  2005.03.14  15.20
My ugly mug

See here under Friday March 18.


  2005.03.03  08.44

Anybody know anything about Ken being on Ultimate Tournament of Champions? I've been home sick for the past two days, and he hasn't been on. Just wondering if anyone could share any information with me.


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