64 good reasons for giving up hope (michaelallroy) wrote in finaljeopardy,
64 good reasons for giving up hope

lazyweb of champions!

i can't find a reliable capper, uploader, or tracker for jeopardy!, and some stupid basketball thing is pre-empting of the tournament of fucking champions here! and they're not even re-airing it! FARiK was doing caps throughout season 24 that could be found on public trackers, but we've not heard from him during season 25.

can anyone assist? i've already tried public trackers isohunt, mininova, the pirate bay, torrent portal, torrent reactor, and tvrss; private trackers demonoid, funfile, ilovetorrents, and the peer hub; as well as the scrapetorrent search engine.

god, why can't they just put this shit on hulu, already?! it's THE TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS.

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